WP Freshstart 5 Review – Can you have a GDPR + Google-Ready WordPress Site in 2 minutes? Yes! YOU CAN!

Name: WP Freshstart 5
Product Owner: Ankur Shukla
Website: Click Here
Price: $25 single site / $27 unlimited sites

What is exactly WP Freshstart 5 in a nutshell?

Did you know that the amount of work related to setting up a basic WordPress site it could take the average person around 20-30 minutes? And now, to add to the hassle already in place, you need to make sure your sites are GDPR compliant or you will face some serious legal issues otherwise.

Now, thanks to WP Freshstart 5 plugin, you can generate hassle-free GDPR compliant-ready, Google loving sites in just about 2 minutes. This plugin will do on its own 30 important setup tasks, all in just one click of your mouse. And as I said, it will only need 2 minutes to do it so.

Who WP Freshstart 5 suits?

This plugin is literally for anyone using a WordPress site, no matter the purpose of your content. If you’re new to the WordPress universe, it can basically take you a long time to finally figure out all the correct settings for your blog or website.

Also if you’re a pro, why should you spend 30 minutes on doing these tasks anytime you open a new site when you can do it in just 2? Among those who can benefit from WP Freshstart 5, you will find:

  • Digital marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product creators
  • CPA marketers
  • Ecom store owners
  • Local marketers
  • Product owners with a website
  • Vets or Beauticians with a website
  • Basically, anyone with a site or a blog!

The 3 things I love the most about WP Freshstart 5:

1) At this time, I’m tired of hearing about GDPR, but that doesn’t mean I can ignore it and get on as if it doesn’t exist. There are now some serious penalties in place for any commercial site that is not GDPR compliant. And that is why I really like how this plugin just takes care of it all in a few clicks.

Thanks to what it does for my sites, I can get back to my business without needing to worry about boring and yet scary legalities. I can be GDPR compliant within minutes without hiring lawyers, paying vast amounts of money, wasting time or investing myself in it.

2) Although this is something I don’t do myself, it is worth mentioning it here. I had worked once with someone that makes a good monthly income buying old sites and flipping them after cleaning them up. Flipping sites means selling them on special platforms that exist exactly for that purpose. You buy for a price and sell for a bigger one.

He used to manually do the cleaning up of all these old sites. For that, he would need like half an hour or so. Obviously, he is in deep love with this plugin, because he has now clean websites in 2 minutes, all set up and ready to sell.

3) To add up to an already amazing performance, WP Freshstart 5 auto-creates all the necessary standard pages you need to have a good standing relationship with Google: the Contact Page, the About Me/Us page, the Legal Pages. All within the 2 minutes and 30 tasks performance. Boring tasks that you won’t be doing anymore.

That translates into a lot of time-saving that you will put from now on into your money making tasks inside your business, instead of into your time sucking ones.

Which are the things I get with WP Freshstart 5?

When you upload WP Freshstart 5 plugin to your WP dashboard and you put it to work, it will complete 30 important setup tasks for you. These tasks will include, among others:

• Over the shoulder training videos – step by step walkthrough training videos that show you exactly how to install and use this plugin.

• Creating GDPR ready pages, functions & forms for your site.

• Installing multiple plugins at once, either direct from WordPress.org (the latest plugins) or from zip file URLs

• Creating all of the pages that Google and other search engines love to see (Contact Page, About Page, Legal Pages, etc)

• Removing all the sample WordPress posts, pages, and comments (no need to remove yourself)

• Creating new blank Posts and Pages

• Creating multiple categories at once

• Adjusting permalinks setting to /post-name/ so search engines can easily find your site

• Let’s you make money from your site using affiliate links and Amazon product offers

• Cleaning up old bloated sites with just one click and makes them brand new

What are the drawbacks with WP Freshstart 5?

I tried the plugin myself and I just have literally none. When I have written reviews in the past for other services, I always force myself to try and find cons to the products I and reviewing because nothing is actually perfect.

The thing with WP Freshstart 5 is that I just can’t find a thing on it that is a flaw. This is one of those very atypical times where I can’t write a thing that is a drawback. Yet, this review can always be updated. If I find something in the future that I consider a con, a negative thing about the plugin, I will be updating this review and will let you know about it.

As of now, I would just ask the vendor to made a plugin that also adds content and traffic to my site within those 30 tasks in 2 minutes. That would have been far more than awesome, but I think it could also be too much to ask for a plugin that costs so little for what it is capable of doing 😉

I do consider this one a must-have plugin, especially the unlimited site’s licence. You will solve a huge time-consuming problem from now on to all your websites, those you already have and the ones that will come in the future. Every legal thing and more within 2 minutes, even if it is the first time you open a WordPress blog, or for those that lost the count on the amount of sites that they have producing them income streams.

Will I get any kind of bonuses if I grab WP Freshstart 5?

There are no bonuses available for those that decide to purchase the single site license (priced at $25). But if you grab the unlimited site license (priced at $27) you will get 4 amazing bonuses that will give you more to add to your business:

BONUS 1) WP Email Countdown Plugin – This plugin allows you to insert live active countdown timers inside your emails to increase scarcity and make your subscribers take action faster.

BONUS 2) WP Maximize Tube Plugin – This plugin easily monetizes YouTube videos in a completely unique way.

BONUS 3) Six figure passive income system (live training) – With this bonus, you will learn from the experts how you can implement an autopilot income system that will help you generate up to $100,000 per year in passive income for yourself.

BONUS 4) Get free traffic (live training) – With this bonus, you will learn how two secret experts are getting over 3000 unique visitors to their site per day, without spending a dime, so you can emulate their strategy.

My final thoughts around WP Freshstart 5:

Do you enjoy doing boring tasks? Nope, didn’t think so myself! Anytime I install a new WordPress site, on tweaking the settings and getting it ready for the search engines, I have to spend half an hour or forty minutes at a minimum.

And that is without counting in the writing of the legal and Google friendly pages, like the Contact Us or About Us ones. 30-40 minutes of boring, tedious work, always the same one.

But now, finally, that part is over for me! WP Freshstart 5 shrinks that task down to just 2 minutes flat!, All I just need to do now is fire up this plugin and click “Run”.

Far better than that is how the vendor, Ankur Shukla, has added these amazing training bonuses to the unlimited site license. If you are a complete beginner, you will love that because you will have access to material that will teach you how to start an online business.

That means that you are not only getting a plugin that will help you be compliant with the new legalities around websites and blogs. You will also get a foundational training on how to get set up as an entrepreneur, an online marketer.

If Internet Marketing is your line of interest, WP Freshstart 5 is one of the plugins you should have on your bag of treasures when building up your online business.